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Most rates are based on half and full days

Half Day Filming (0-5 hours)

Full Day Filming (5+hours)

Half Day Editing and Post Production (0-5 hours)

Full Day Editing and Post Production (5+ hours)

 SHOOTING: Half and full day shooting rates are charged for setup and filming on location. This is independent of whether or not the project will require lighting or other pre-production necessities. I no longer offer lighting or no-lighting packages, as I believe that if a project requires lighting to achieve a professional look, it is in nobody's best interest to reduce the quality of the production for a cheaper package. Therefore half and full days are charged regardless of the equipment required.

AERIALS: For aerial imaging, part of this value is also due to my legal ability to fly commercially according to Federal laws. Anyone operating in American airspace is not legally allowed to fly a drone or aerial vehicle for profit without this commercial certificate.

EDITING AND POST: Depending on how much post-production a client will require, editing time will vary.
For example, a client may only require a half-day shoot to cover the filming required for their social packages, but the editing itself may be longer than a half day (~10 hours editing) depending on the complexity or quantity. For this reason, filming and editing are separately charged.


WEDDINGS, OTHER EVENTS, OR MARKETING SHOOTS: I offer a co-package with Lexi Ehle Photography for those interested in hiring both a videographer and photographer for their wedding, event, or marketing shoot. T

Feel free to contact me by email or phone for an estimate on your personal project or event! I am always looking forward to working on new projects and I am open to monthly/yearly marketing plans to reduce costs!

Some clients require aerial footage as well as images in order to showcase craftsmanship of a home rather than for marketing purposes. In other cases, a client may need locations shot from an aerial view for films, commercials, or other projects unaffiliated with this company on the other production aspects.

**I am licensed commercially to do any of the above**


Pablo Villa

Based in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Indiana, but travel to any of the 50 states is common and will simply involve non-profit travel fees.

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