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Concrete Wall


Beginning with my passion for flying remote control airplanes as a child, I slowly became interested in the world of drones. From there, I developed my skills with both drone racing as well as aerial cinematography, where I found myself driven to create visual content as well as building and programming remote airplanes and drones from scratch, ultimately diving into general cinematography.


 I am licensed by the FAA for commercial drone use and have worked with over 100 clients on professional wedding films, promotional corporate advertisements, real estate tours, among other customized video and photo projects. I strive to improve my work with every project I complete, but always deliver the highest quality digital content possible using industry-standard editing programs and camera equipment used in today's films and commercials.

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Social Media
Vertical, Short-Form Videos

Latest Features

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Urban Outfitters Promo

Insomnia Cookies
National Cookie Day Campaign

Boiler Vintage
Volleyball Team Private Showing

Shot on the BM Pocket 4K

Shot on the RED Komodo X 6K

Shot on the RED Komodo X 6K

Concrete Wall



Main Camera:

RED Komodo-X Super 35

Remote, Aerial, & "B" Cameras:

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Canon 1DX Mark II

Main Glass:

DZO Cinema Lenses

 Range covered: 20-125

Sigma Lenses

Range covered: 18-500

FPV Drone:

*Lumenier FPV Cinema Whoop

Visual Effects

VFX are not for every video, but when they fit in they will make a massive difference on the production value of the video, especially for product advertisements. The Coca-Cola clip shown below was actually three separate shots and backgrounds put together in post-production.

Color Grading

Color grading is an essential and often overlooked process by many editors.
I create my grades from scratch, involving my own workflow that ensures I achieve a look fitting the appropriate tone, style, and emotion in each individual video and clip. This could mean a filmic color grade (ex. 1), a clean grade geared more toward promotional or television advertisements (ex. 2), or something completely different. Advertisements can also aim for a filmic result, and that can work great as well.

The most important thing to understand is that every video is unique and therefore needs a tailored color grade to achieve the best result.

Color Grade - Example 1 

Color Grade - Example 2

Color Grade - Example 3

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